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New Year Resolution Hub

Notion template to get the most out of 2023

The most comprehensive Notion template for new year resolutions, planing, and reflection.

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What’s inside

Exercises For Reflection And Goal-Setting
Hands-on exercises to get clarity and plan for the future.
Automations for Habit Tracking
Make your resolutions actually stick by leveraging Notion automations.
6 Powerful Databases
Expand your workspace with pre-built templates.

Hands-on exercises for reflections and goal setting

The year is over, and it's time to reflect on what went well and what could be improved. Reflect on 2022 and set ambitious goals for 2023, leveraging scientifically-proved frameworks.

Task List
New Year Resolution Hub Databases

Start the year organized with pre-built databases

Save hours of building your Notion workspace optimized for goal setting and execution. Duplicate the template with one click and focus on what actually matters.

Stay on track with automations

Automations can help you stay on track with your habits and tasks throughout the year. Outsource discipline to machines.

Save time with automations
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