Glassdoor and Google Sheets are two powerful platforms that can revolutionize the way you work. Glassdoor, a renowned platform for job searching and company reviews, provides invaluable insights into company culture, salaries, and interview processes. On the other hand, Google Sheets is a robust spreadsheet program that allows for data manipulation, analysis, and collaboration. When integrated, these platforms can supercharge your productivity by automating tasks such as saving job posts or company reviews from Glassdoor directly to Google Sheets. This integration allows you to organize and analyze data more efficiently, and can be particularly helpful when conducting job market research or competitor analysis. Explore our templates to see this in action.

Combining Glassdoor with Google Sheets can open up new possibilities for data-driven decision making. For example, HR professionals can leverage this integration to monitor salary trends, track competitors' employee satisfaction, and identify top talent, all from within their Google Sheets. Sales and marketing teams can use this integration to gather insights about potential clients or partners, enriching their CRM data with information directly from Glassdoor. The possibilities are endless, and it's all made possible with Bardeen's powerful automation capabilities.

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Bardeen has been a game-changer for us, it has not only improved our efficiency but also enhanced the quality of our outreach campaigns. We can now focus on what we do best—helping our clients grow their businesses.
“Using Bardeen has improved our workflow efficiency by 70%, saving us 20 hours a week that we now dedicate to more strategic tasks.”
"Implementing Bardeen has been a game-changer for our recruitment process. We've significantly reduced the time spent on manual data entry and improved the accuracy of our candidate information. This allows us to focus more on building relationships with potential hires and strategically growing our team."

Available actions & triggers

Create new spreadsheet tab
Add data to sheet
Update or add rows in/to sheet
When new row is appended or changed
Add data to sheet tab
When new row is appended
When row changes
Update or add rows in/to a tab
When row is added to Google Sheet
When row is added to or changed in Google Sheet

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Actions & Triggers

Bardeen provides two types of automations called Playbooks and Autobooks.

Playbooks are automations that you launch manually. And Autobooks are the automations that get triggered automatically when something happens or on a specific date / time.

All automations are just a series of actions connected to each other.
Triggers tell the automation when it has to start the series of actions.
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