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Easy Steps to Find Your HubSpot User ID - 2024

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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April 15, 2024

Locate your HubSpot User ID through settings, the Owners API, or OAuth 2.0. Essential for integrations and API uses.

  • Navigate to Settings > Properties > Contact Properties in HubSpot to find the Contact Owner Property, which lists user IDs.
  • Use the HubSpot Owners API with your API key to retrieve user IDs.
  • For OAuth 2.0 applications, access token information can provide the user ID.
  • Check the URL when editing a user in HubSpot settings for a quick user ID reference.

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How to Find HubSpot User ID

Finding your HubSpot User ID can be essential for various integrations and API uses. There are several methods to locate this information, depending on your needs and access level within HubSpot.

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Method 1: Using HubSpot Settings

One straightforward method involves navigating through the HubSpot settings:

  1. Go to Settings in your HubSpot account.
  2. Choose Properties under the settings menu.
  3. Select Contact Properties.
  4. Search for and click on the Contact Owner Property. This page will list your contact owners (users) along with their internal value, which is the user ID.

Method 2: Using the HubSpot Owners API

For those with developer access or specific integration needs, the HubSpot Owners API can be used:

  1. Construct the API request URL:
  2. Replace yourapikeyhere with your actual HubSpot API key. If you're unsure how to find your API key, HubSpot provides a guide at
  3. Enter the URL in your browser or API tool. This will list out your HubSpot users and their ownerId, which serves as the user ID.

Note: HubSpot API Keys have been sunset for many accounts, and you may need to use Private Apps for API access. More information on migrating to Private Apps can be found at

Method 3: OAuth 2.0 Access Token Information

If you're developing an application or extension that requires user identification, using OAuth 2.0 might be necessary:

  1. Use the endpoint to get information for OAuth 2.0 Access Token.
  2. This method will provide details about the authenticated user, including the user ID.

This method is particularly useful for applications needing to identify the current user.

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Additional Tips

For quick access to a user ID, you can also check the URL when editing a user in the HubSpot settings. The URL will contain the user ID at the end, such as{accountID}/users/edituser/{userID}.

Remember, user IDs are sensitive information. Ensure you follow best practices for security and privacy when handling these IDs, especially in development and integration scenarios.

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