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Salesforce Lead Conversion Guide in 7 Steps

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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March 28, 2024

Converting leads in Salesforce involves several steps, including converting leads to contacts, opportunities, and customizing the conversion process. Key steps include using the App Launcher to select the Sales app, choosing a lead, and clicking Convert. Additionally, customization and automation options are available for optimizing the process.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the lead conversion process in Salesforce, ensuring a smooth transition of potential customers through the sales funnel.

Streamline your Salesforce lead conversion by automating repetitive tasks with Bardeen, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in your sales process.

How to Convert Lead in Salesforce

Converting leads in Salesforce is a critical process for moving potential customers through the sales funnel. This guide covers various aspects of lead conversion in Salesforce, including converting leads to contacts, opportunities, customizing the conversion process, mapping, automation, and mass conversion.

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Salesforce Convert Lead to Contact

To convert a lead to a contact in Salesforce Lightning, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the App Launcher and select the Sales app.
  2. Select the Leads tab.

      3. Choose the lead you wish to convert by clicking on its name.

      4. Click on the Convert option next to the Submit for Approval button.

      5. Update the contact information on the pop-up page.

      6. Click Convert after filling out the fields.

To convert a lead to a contact in Salesforce Classic:

  1. Select Switch to Salesforce Classic by clicking the avatar.
  2. Select the Marketing app.
  3. Choose Leads from the tabs.
  4. Click on the lead's name you wish to convert.
  5. Click the Convert button.
  6. Click Convert again to automatically create a contact record.

Convert Lead to Opportunity Salesforce

During the lead conversion process, you have the option to create an opportunity. This is optional and can be selected during the conversion step where you update the contact and account information. If you choose to create an opportunity, you'll need to provide additional details such as opportunity name and close date.

Discover how to automate sales for SDRs and Sales Ops teams with our guide on Salesforce integration workflow automation.

Salesforce Lead Conversion Process

The Salesforce lead conversion process involves converting a lead into an account, contact, and optionally, an opportunity. This process is initiated by clicking the Convert button on a lead's detail page. Salesforce then prompts you to confirm the conversion details, including whether to create a new account or attach the lead to an existing account, and whether to create an opportunity.

Customize Lead Conversion Salesforce

To customize the lead conversion process, you can use Salesforce's setup options to define which fields are mapped during conversion. Customization can also involve creating custom lead conversion buttons or links that execute additional logic before or after conversion using Apex code.

Salesforce Lead Conversion Mapping

Lead conversion mapping in Salesforce allows you to define how data from lead fields is transferred to fields in accounts, contacts, and opportunities during the conversion process. To customize mapping, navigate to the object management settings for leads and select Map Lead Fields. Here, you can specify the destination fields for each lead field.

Automate Lead Conversion Salesforce

Automating lead conversion can be achieved using Salesforce's Process Builder or Flow. To automate, you'll need to create a process or flow triggered by a specific condition on the lead record. Use an Apex invocable method, such as Database.convertLead, to perform the conversion within the automation.

Mass Lead Conversion Salesforce

For mass lead conversion, Salesforce does not provide a built-in feature. However, third-party tools like Cloudingo offer functionality for mass converting leads to contacts and accounts. These tools provide options for deduplication and data maintenance to ensure data integrity during the conversion process.

Boost Salesforce Efficiency with Bardeen Automations

Converting leads in Salesforce can significantly optimize your sales process, but manually inputting data can be time-consuming. Automating this process with Bardeen not only saves valuable time but also ensures accuracy and efficiency in managing your sales pipeline.

Here are some powerful automations you can implement using Bardeen:

  1. Create a Salesforce lead from a LinkedIn profile: This playbook automates the process of capturing leads directly from LinkedIn into Salesforce, streamlining lead generation and ensuring your sales team focuses on engagement and conversion.
  2. Create a new Salesforce opportunity: Automate the creation of new sales opportunities within Salesforce, allowing for better tracking and management of potential deals, thus enhancing the efficiency of your sales process.
  3. Create Salesforce leads from LinkedIn post commenters: This playbook enables you to convert engagement on LinkedIn into actionable leads in Salesforce, tapping into a rich source of potential customers directly from social media interactions.

By integrating these automations, businesses can significantly reduce manual tasks, ensuring that the lead conversion process is as efficient and effective as possible. Get started by downloading the Bardeen app at

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