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When email labeled, create new contact in HubSpot

Automatically create a new HubSpot contact from a labeled email, capturing essential details without manual data entry.
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When label is added to email
When label is added to email
Create HubSpot Contact
Create HubSpot Contact

Workflow Overview

Automatically create a new HubSpot contact from a labeled email, capturing essential details without manual data entry.
  • Specific email label
  • Email containing first name, last name, and email address
  • A new contact created in HubSpot

This automation streamlines the process of capturing leads or contacts by creating a new HubSpot contact every time an email is labeled with a specific label. The automation is designed to help sales and marketing teams efficiently manage their contact lists without manual data entry.

Upon receiving a labeled email, the automation extracts the first name, last name, and email address from the email content. Then, it automatically creates a new contact in HubSpot with these details. This process ensures that every potential lead or contact is immediately captured in your CRM, ready for follow-up or integration into marketing campaigns.

Pro Tip: You can customize this workflow to extract additional information from the email for the contact record in HubSpot, such as phone number or company name, depending on the structure of the incoming emails.

Enhance your lead generation and contact management process by automating the creation of HubSpot contacts with Bardeen.

Step 1: Install the Bardeen App

To kickstart the process, ensure you install the Bardeen app on your device.

Step 2: Navigate to the Magic Box

Following installation, open the Magic Box and enter the prompt:

When a new label Email, create HubSpot contact

Step 3: Integrate the Workflow Integrations

Next, set up the integrations required for the workflow. This involves connecting your email service (to detect the new labeled emails) and HubSpot (to create contacts).

Step 4: Run the Workflow

Lastly, execute the workflow. This automated process will:

  • Monitor your email for any incoming messages that are labeled Email, indicating they should be acted upon.
  • Create a new contact in HubSpot using the first name, last name, and email address extracted from the labeled email, seamlessly adding new leads or contacts to your CRM.
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How Can You Automate Adding Emails to HubSpot Contacts?

Connecting HubSpot to Gmail for Seamless Workflow Automation

Integrating HubSpot with Gmail streamlines your workflow by automating tasks directly from your email service. This connection allows you to send one-to-one emails, log email replies, and utilize HubSpot's sales tools right within your inbox. To connect your personal email to HubSpot, navigate to your HubSpot account settings, select 'Email' under 'General', and click 'Connect personal email'. You'll be guided through a few simple steps to link your Gmail account, enabling HubSpot to access information like contacts, emails, and calendar events for a more efficient workflow.

Automating the creation of new HubSpot contacts from labeled emails enhances lead management and ensures no potential customer slips through the cracks. Learn more about automating with Bardeen.

How to Add Email to HubSpot Contact Effortlessly

Adding an email to a HubSpot contact can be done manually or through automation. For manual addition, navigate to the contact's record in HubSpot, hover over the 'Email' property, and click the edit icon to add an additional email address. Alternatively, automate this process by setting up a workflow in Bardeen that triggers upon receiving a labeled email, automatically extracting the sender's details and creating a new contact in HubSpot. This ensures all relevant emails are logged and associated with the correct contact for more effective communication tracking.

By leveraging Bardeen's automation capabilities, you can ensure timely creation of contacts in HubSpot from labeled emails, streamlining your lead generation process. Discover the benefits of automation with Bardeen.
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Google Mail
Google Mail
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