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Export HubSpot contacts to Google Sheet and Share link via Slack

This workflow automates updating Google Sheets with HubSpot contacts and sharing the sheet via Slack, streamlining team communication.
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Get HubSpot Contact
Get HubSpot Contact
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Add data to sheet tab
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Find Google Sheets
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Send Slack message

Workflow Overview

This workflow automates updating Google Sheets with HubSpot contacts and sharing the sheet via Slack, streamlining team communication.
  • HubSpot list ID for contacts
  • Target Google Sheet
  • Slack channel for notifications
  • Updated Google Sheet with HubSpot contacts
  • Notification in Slack with the Google Sheet link

This workflow automates the process of updating a Google Sheet with new or updated contacts from HubSpot and then sharing the updated sheet via Slack.

The process begins by retrieving contacts from HubSpot based on a specified list ID. These contacts are then appended to a specified Google Sheet. To easily share this information, the workflow retrieves the Google Sheet to obtain its URL and sends a message to a specified Slack channel with a link to the updated Google Sheet. This workflow is ideal for teams looking to:

  • Streamline lead management processes
  • Facilitate seamless communication between sales and marketing teams
Note: This workflow can be customized to match specific data handling and notification needs, supporting various CRMs and communication platforms besides HubSpot and Slack.

Embrace a more connected and automated approach to managing your contacts with this workflow. Ready to simplify your contact management? Install Bardeen and start automating today.

Step 1: Install the Bardeen App

To get started, ensure you have the Bardeen app installed on your device.

Step 2: Navigate to the Magic Box

Open the Bardeen app and go to the Magic Box. Input the following instruction:

Move HubSpot Contacts to Google Sheet, Share link via Slack

Step 3: Integrate the Workflow Integrations

For this workflow to operate seamlessly, integrate with HubSpot for contact data, Google Sheets for storing and managing contacts, and Slack for notifications.

Step 4: Run the Workflow

After setting up, execute the workflow. This process involves:

  • Retrieving new or updated contacts from HubSpot based on a specific list ID.
  • Appending these contacts to a designated Google Sheet.
  • Obtaining the URL of the updated Google Sheet.
  • Sending a Slack message to a specified channel, including the Google Sheet's URL for easy access to the updated contacts.
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How to Automate the Export of HubSpot Contacts to Google Sheets and Slack?

Export Contacts from HubSpot

Exporting contacts from HubSpot is a straightforward process. Users with super admin or CRM export permissions can easily export data from a contact record. This export includes current and historical property values, and optionally, data about their associations and activities. For bulk exports or to filter which properties are exported, HubSpot offers a more comprehensive export records feature. This ensures that you can tailor the exported data to meet your specific needs, whether for GDPR compliance or for integrating with other platforms.

Automating this process with Bardeen not only saves time but also ensures that your Google Sheets are always up-to-date with the latest contact information from HubSpot.

HubSpot Google Sheets Integration

Integrating HubSpot with Google Sheets allows for seamless data transfer between the two platforms. By connecting Google Sheets to your HubSpot account, you can use workflow actions to create or update rows in your spreadsheet based on HubSpot properties. This is particularly useful for sending contact data from new leads to a spreadsheet, facilitating easy access and analysis for your sales outreach team. Remember to properly format your spreadsheet and set up unique identifiers to match the data in Google Sheets with the data in HubSpot, ensuring accurate and efficient data synchronization.

HubSpot to Slack Integration

Connecting HubSpot to Slack enhances communication and workflow efficiency within teams. By integrating Slack with HubSpot, you can manage records, receive HubSpot notifications in Slack, and even reply to live chat conversations directly within Slack. This integration supports a variety of actions, such as creating tasks, tickets, or notes associated with HubSpot records without leaving Slack. Additionally, you can set up notifications to be received in Slack for reminders, mentions, document views, form submissions, and more, keeping your team informed and responsive to CRM activities in real-time.

With Bardeen, streamline the process of updating Google Sheets with HubSpot contacts and sharing updates via Slack, fostering better collaboration and data management.

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