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How Avairy Solutions Slashed Lead Generation Time by 80%

“Bardeen didn't just save me time; it changed my entire approach to lead generation.”
Garrison Collier
SDR and Sales Manager
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Automate your lead generation process in minutes.

Garrison Collier, SDR and Sales Manager at Avairy Solutions, found himself spending countless hours manually generating leads. His role required meticulous attention to sales and marketing, especially for clients in the lawn care and landscaping industry because most of his targets are not on LinkedIn. 

The Challenge

Garrison’s lead generation was a labor-intensive task. He spent numerous hours scrolling through Facebook groups, opening countless tabs, and manually filtering and qualifying leads, which limited his ability to focus on high-value sales activities.

Transforming Lead Generation with Bardeen

Discovering Bardeen through a LinkedIn post about new AI tools, Garrison was immediately interested in its potential to automate his workflow. He needed a solution to streamline lead generation without compromising on the quality of leads.  “In just a few clicks, I was able to connect my tools and set up automated lead generation that saved me hours of manual work,” Garrison said. Bardeen’s AI-driven automation capabilities allowed him to extract valuable data from Facebook groups and transfer it to Google Sheets effortlessly. This process converted hours of manual work into minutes, enabling Garrison to gather thousands of leads in a fraction of the time previously required.

“Within days, I saw a significant improvement in my workflow,” Garrison explained. Bardeen enabled him to save about 20 hours per week, which he could then reallocate to more strategic sales activities. The automation not only enhanced productivity but also improved lead quality, resulting in better-focused outreach and higher conversion rates.


  • Avairy Solutions now has a highly efficient lead generation process, significantly reducing the time required for lead qualification by 20 hours per week.
  • Bardeen provided immediate improvements in lead generation, allowing Avairy Solutions to generate over 1000+ leads effortlessly.
  • Avairy Solutions benefits from the automation and accuracy provided by Bardeen, particularly in helping the team quickly identify high-quality leads from Facebook groups.
  • With Bardeen’s AI-driven automation tools, the sales team can work together seamlessly in a consistent environment with minimal manual effort.
  • Bardeen has helped the team gain trust in their lead qualification process by catching and qualifying leads accurately and efficiently.

About the author:
Lucy Keoni
Customer Success
About the company:
Avairy Solutions
Company Size:
50 Employees

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