Sharing Playbooks

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Everything is better when shared! It’s time to give your friends and colleagues the most valuable gift – their time back.

To share a Playbook, hover over a Playbook card and click on the paper plane icon.

We’ve just generated a landing page for your Playbook, and the link has been copied to your clipboard. Don’t worry; no one else can find your Playbook without this link. 

Feel free to add a description or video to customize your Playbook page.

Now, here comes the most exciting part – sharing. Click on one of the social media icons, or just paste the link from the clipboard anywhere you want.

Running a shared Playbook for the first time

When people visit your Playbook page for the first time and click on the “try it” button, they will be redirected to download the browser extension.

The Playbook will run automatically after the extension is installed. 

💡️ Note: Bardeen works only on desktop. 

Compatible browsers: Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera, and other Chromium browsers.

Editing and unsharing your Playbook

To edit your Playbook page, click on the share icon again and make changes. Then click on “save and close.”

If you want to unpublish a Playbook, click on the share icon once and then on “unshare.” The Playbook will no longer be publicly available.

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