How to integrate personal or restricted Gmail accounts

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Use this URL as the redirect URL:

Getting Started

To get started, navigate to “Integrations Catalog” and click on the Google Mail integration.

Next, this screen will open.

There are two methods to set up your Gmail account.

Approach #1: Single Sign-On

(works only with G-Suite accounts)

⚠️ Note: Your G-suite account needs to be whitelisted by us (we are invite-only).

To configure the same G-Suite Google account as the one you used to sign in to Bardeen, you need just two clicks, and you are all set!

Otherwise, you will need to follow Approach #2 and set up Google APIs. It will take ~3 min and will be well worth the investment.

Approach #2: Set up Google APIs

Approach #2 is used for personal Gmail accounts ( or G-Suite accounts not whitelisted by us.

Don’t get too intimidated if you are not technical. You just need to click a few buttons according to the instructions in this guide, and you will be good to go.

We are aware of the inconvenience in setting up accounts this way and are working hard to getting our app approved faster to do Single Sign-On (SSO) with personal Gmail accounts.  

Step #1: Navigate to Google Developer Console

Here is the link:

Make sure you are logged in under the Google account that you want to integrate. To change the Google Account, click on your avatar in the upper right corner.

Step #2: Create a new project

Select Project > New Project > Create

The name of the project doesn’t matter. But naming it something funny is always a good idea ;).

Step #3: Find Gmail API inside “Library” and Enable

I. Open Gmail API (link):


Click on the burger icon 🍔 and click “Library.”

It’s the thing with three lines stacked on top of each other. And Yes, that’s the actual name of this design element.

III. Click “Enable.”

You will be automatically redirected to the Gmail API dashboard.

Step #4: Create credentials

I. Click “Create Credentials”

II. Click “Cancel” when redirected to the Credentials tab.

III. Click “Configure Consent Screen”

Step #5: Fill out the information

The info will not matter because you won’t use the APIs for anyone else other than yourself.

Just make sure you have “” under Authorized Domains.

Step #6: Add scope

Type “Gmail API” to find the checkbox faster.

Checkmark next to Gmail API with “” as Scope.

Step 7: Add users

Click “Add Users” and input your email.

Step #8: Create Credentials

Credentials > Create oAuth client ID > Web Applications

Add the following link under “Authorized Redirect URLs:”

Step #9: Log in with the credentials

Just copy-paste the credentials to the first window that was opened by Bardeen (in “the getting started” section of this guide).

That’s it! You’ve survived this. Now, let’s save you a bunch of time by automating the heck out of your Gmail workflow.

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