How to give feedback and track it with Canny

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You can request new features, report bugs, and track the status of your issues in real-time.

We need to understand what’s important to you to set priorities and build the coolest automation platform with our users. 

How to create posts

Before creating a new ticket, try searching the existing ones to avoid duplicates. Tickets with more upvotes will be prioritized, so it’s better to +1 an existing one and add a comment.

To create a new post, click on a category card and fill out the info. 

Feedback Categories

Feature Requests

Use it to request a new feature. A feature is usually something that adds additional functionality to the product.

Example: add my time-saved as a graph.


Use it when the product doesn’t work as expected. The more information you provide here, the better. We need to understand the conditions when something failed to fix it. 

Example: A Playbook doesn’t get saved when there is a scraper action.


Use it to make an existing product feature work better.

Example A (Functionality): Scraping more than 1k list items.

Example B (UI): Pagination button is hidden behind the appWindow


To vote and request new integrations, use this category.

Example: Salesforce Integration


Every version of Bardeen comes with a changelog. There, you can learn about the new features released, bug fixes, improvements, and our plans for the future.

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