Introducing the first Business-Ready AI Agent

Last Updated on 
July 11, 2024
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Pascal Weinberger
Co-founder & CEO
Artem Harutyunyan
Co-founder & CTO

Draining, repetitive, and soul-sucking tasks fill our workdays.

It's an old problem many companies have tried to solve. First with complex RPA platforms that required teams of developers to run. Then low-code tools, which were easier to use but limited in functionality and still required technical knowledge to operate.

With the emergence of AI agents, the promise is a tool that can learn and adapt, instructed by simple language. But so far, they have failed to deliver - hallucinating misleading airfares and glue on pizza.

Today's AI agents are too brittle, unreliable, and just simply fail.

At Bardeen, we've worked tirelessly over the past two years to build a better AI agent. Our approach is practical, focused on address the needs of modern teams.

Today, we're proud and excited to officially announce the first business-ready AI agent. One trusted by over 300,000 users and industry leaders like Deel, Miro, and WPP.

What makes a business-ready agent?

The agent with a plan

Most agent products fail when tasks have more than a few steps. Why? They make it up as they go—in other words, they don't have a plan.

Bardeen is taking a different approach.

After receiving your instruction, Bardeen will present its plan for your approval. You can accept or modify this plan using a simple interface - language.


This means there's no ambiguity or uncertainty in the outcome.

With this approach, our Agent can handle more complex tasks with ease. You can trust multi-step complex workflows are executed reliably, the same way every time.

Bardeen is more accurate and even provides flexibility to modify the instructions while it shows you its plan.

Effortless to use

Bardeen lives in your browser, always one click away. It uses this context to be incredibly accurate when understanding your instructions. Here's a few examples of tasks it performs with just a simple prompt:

save conference speakers to Google Sheets
determine if company list is SOC 2 compliant
forward new emails with invoices to my accountant

Despite having some of the best natural language understanding, we believe the future is in your tools learning from your actions directly.

With Bardeen, you can hit record, show your task once, and teach the agent how to perform your task at the click of a button. Over time, Bardeen will automatically suggest ways to save you time and build the automations to do it.

This will make AI agents more accessible, especially to those actually doing the work that needs be automated.

Here's a comparison on a simple, but annoyingly repetitive task. Getting a list of conference speakers from a webpage. Bardeen is on the left.

There's a few key differences to note:

  • Setup is faster. We've built Bardeen from the ground up to understand language instruction. The result is a more accurate and reliable AI.
  • Context aware: Bardeen is aware of the apps and websites you use. It won't force you to sign up for other products.
  • Works where you work: Bardeen lives in your browser, that means you can watch how it perform tasks.

Checks all your business requirements

Ever had a tool you were excited to use, but was vetoed by IT? Bardeen will breeze through your company’s technical, security, and compliance reviews.

The AI industry is new and still maturing, so it’s important to note the details.

  • Secure: SOC 2 Type 2 compliant
  • Reliable: Runs cloud infrastructure that can handle thousands of concurrent workflows
  • Scalable: Collaboration, sharing, and centralized billing and user management

Oh, and we even have 5 stars on G2 and a library of case studies with industry leaders.

Why are we so excited?

We've seen first hand the actual results and benefits deploying Bardeen with customers.

Deel, the fastest-growing SaaS company in history, uses Bardeen to save hundreds of hours for its BDR sales team. Bardeen automates everything from identifying and researching to reaching out with one simple click.

After working with thousands of customers to save millions of hours, we've noticed the most impact comes from:

  • Transforming everyone into a 10x teammate: Magic Box and Automation Assistant enable anyone to create automations with ease.
  • Eliminating hours of busywork: Repetitive, mundane tasks can drain productivity from even the best teams. Bardeen frees time so people can focus on high impact work that matters.
  • Sharing best practices instantly: Implement consistent, streamlined standard operating procedures across your team or organization, reducing errors and saving time.

The best part is these results are immediate, requiring minimal upfront investment in tooling or training.

Defining the future of work

Since day one, our goal has been to liberate people from monotonous labor.

There's no shortage of this in the workplace, which is why Bardeen's Business-Ready agent is critical to achieving our vision.

Want to explore how Agents can help your business? Book a demo with our Solutions Engineering team.

If you want to try it yourself, Bardeen is simple to set up - download it for Chrome.