Introducing Bardeen, the first Business-Ready AI agent (v2)

Last Updated on 
June 17, 2024
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Pascal Weinberger
Co-founder & CEO
Artem Harutyunyan
Co-founder & CTO

We all encounter draining, repetitive, and soul-sucking tasks in our daily work lives. Worst of all, we don’t know we’re doing them.

AI agents promise to do these tasks for us, by not just generating words, but also using tools and retrieving info.

But so far, they have failed - hallucinating misleading airfares and even glue on pizza.

Today's AI agents are brittle, unreliable, and break easily.

At Bardeen, we’ve worked tirelessly over the past few years to bring reliability and predictability to AI agents, so you trust them in your business.

Today, we're proud and excited to announce that we are officially launching the first business-ready AI agent:

send a sales email based on this LinkedIn post
forward email invoices and receipts to

Bardeen's solution to reliable AI agents

Agent products frequently fail when tasks have more than a few steps. Why? They make it up as they go—in other words, they don't have a plan.

Bardeen is taking a different approach.

So how does it work? Based on your prompt, Bardeen's agent explicitly plans, presents and tests a workflow for your approval. The user can accept or modify it using a simple interface - language.

1. Instruct Bardeen
2. Bardeen Develops Plan
3. Confirm / Adjust Plan
4. Bardeen Performs Action

There is no ambiguity or uncertainty in the outcome.

With this approach, our Agents can handle much more complex tasks with ease: conditionals, loops, and other logic can be built into the agent and explicitly verified so you can trust multi-step complex workflows are executed reliably, the same way every time.

This approach allows us to deliver on the promise of AI agents for you and your business.

Companies need AI agents

Today, over 250k users rely on Bardeen to automate repetitive work, many of whom work at the world's leading companies.

Deel, the fastest-growing SaaS company in history, uses Bardeen to save hundreds of hours for its BDR sales team. Bardeen automates everything from identifying and researching to reaching out with one simple click.

For John Burns, a leading real-estate consulting firm, Bardeen does the work of a team of research analysts - examining hundreds of websites and directories weekly to collect data on key market trends.

We've seen actual results and benefits deploying Bardeen with our customers:

  • Maximizing revenue per employee: Scale existing workflows without additional headcount. At XXX, Bardeen enables each SDR to build %% more pipeline.
  • Do more with less: Bardeen's AI Agents enable teams to accomplish more without increasing headcount. Agents run with 24/7 availability.
  • Empower your team: With Magic Box and Automation Assistant, everyone can become their own "automation superhero" with easy-to-use, shareable, and customizable automations.
  • Standardize processes: Implement consistent, streamlined standard operating procedures across your team or organization, reducing errors and saving time.
  • Identify automation opportunities: Not every business can afford a consultant to conduct a formal process mining audit - Bardeen's Agent will proactively help your business automate workflows.

So, how is Bardeen able to accomplish this?

Deploying AI agents in businesses

In building the first business-ready AI Agent platform, we had to get three things right - something no other company has done:

  • Reliability and scalability - Bardeen is engineered for performance at scale to handle thousands of concurrent automations reliably.
  • Security and stability - State-of-the-art encryption, SOC2 Type 2 compliance, and a world-class infrastructure engineering team.
  • Ease of use - We've automated automations. Describe what you want to achieve in natural language, and Bardeen will magically perform it for you. Better yet, use it long enough, and it will also suggest the perfect automation at the ideal moment.

In addition, Bardeen comes with all the necessities for your team, like centralized billing, permissions, a dedicated customer support and success team for your business success in the automation journey, and much more.

As a testament to this, we've partnered with and received significant investment from the best business technology companies in the world: HubSpot and Dropbox.

Their teams trust Bardeen to build the future of automation.

Defining the future of work

Since day one, our goal has been to liberate people from monotonous labor.

There's no shortage of this in the workplace, which is why Bardeen's Business-Ready agent is critical to achieving our vision.

Want to explore how Agents can help your business? Book a demo with our Solutions Engineering team.

If you want to try it yourself, Bardeen is simple to set up - download it for Chrome.