Upload videos from Zoom to Dropbox

You can now effortlessly save your Zoom recordings to Google Drive. 

As you may already know, Zoom Pro accounts come with only 1GB of storage, and you will need to pay at least $40 per month for Zoom CloudStorage. 

This automation will take you 2 minutes to set up and will save you approximately 10 Starbucks Lattes a month. Not too bad, if you ask us! 

1. Connect Dropbox

We are going to use Dropbox’s Zoom integration to get all recordings uploaded to Dropbox (and to Drive from there).

 Go to this page and click the big blue button:

Create a Dummy recording using Zoom

Now, record a quick dummy video using Zoom. This video will be automatically uploaded to Dropbox into a folder named “Zoom.” 

Create Dropbox < > Drive Automation with Bardeen

Write the following WHEN command:

That’s it! 

If you need extra help, visit our Dropbox < > Drive automation lesson