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Streamlining Asana workflows with Bardeen

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💡️ This article uses our old UI. Now, it's even easier to build custom automations.

We are thrilled to add Asana to our integrations list! 🥳

Asana is a project management and planning app to collaborate with team members and stay on top of your priorities.

With Bardeen, you can get even more out of Asana.

Creating tasks on the go

You no longer need to open a tab to create a quick Asana task. You can do it with a shortcut from anywhere on your computer.

To create an Asana task, run the following command: 

Do create Asana task with name

You can also add any of the following variables:

  • Description
  • Project
  • Assignee
  • Due Date

To create templated tasks with pre-defined variables, save the command as a playbook.

Meetings related tasks

Context can be critical. With Bardeen, you can associate an event with an Asana task.

This playbook will create tasks with a reference to the current meeting in your calendar.

Oftentimes, follow-ups are just as important as calls themselves. And yet, those tend to fall through the cracks.

Use this playbook to create tasks to follow up about your meeting automatically.

Task reporting and migration

Keep people in the loop about your completed tasks. You can generate reports about completed tasks for clients and teams that work outside of Asana in under a minute.

This playbook allows you to export all Asana tasks as a spreadsheet. 

You can also transfer tasks from Asana to other apps such as Notion.

Leveraging workflow automation

You can think of Bardeen commands as lego bricks. Each brick represents something that you can do in an app manually (such as creating an Asana task) or an action such as copying information from a web page.

A playbook has those actions stacked together, which allows you to turn a manual process into an automation that takes just one click to complete.

Our scraper can extract information from websites using a custom model and add the data to a new Asana task. 

As a result, you can create a list of Upwork jobs to apply to, or LinkedIn companies to contact. Data from the current browser tab will be added as an Asana task.

See the scraper tutorial to learn more. 

With the Asana < > Bardeen integration, you can forget about copy-pasting, shuffling through tabs, and manually creating tasks.

Try out our Asana playbooks here.

We’d love to know if you have unique use cases with Asana that you’d like to streamline. Send us a note here!

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Bardeen - One-click automations for your repetitive tasks | Product Hunt
Bardeen - One-click automations for your repetitive tasks | Product Hunt