How to search multiple websites at once


The simplest way to search multiple websites at once is to use the Bardeen browser extension. This method doesn’t require any code, and you can get everything set up in just a few minutes.

Academics and students that use the same websites for research are going to particularly enjoy this automation.

How to build a playbook to search multiple websites at once

Navigate to the Compose mode and click on the command line. 

First, set a search variable by typing the following:

You can call this variable by typing ${variable_name}.

Second, you will need to find the search pattern specific to your website. You can find that pattern by performing a search using any query. 

See the URL and copy the link pattern to the left of the query you typed.

Lastly, write the search command for this website.

“Do search link pattern with link pattern [pattern] for search expression [query].” 

Remember to reference the variable using $

You can write as many of such commands as you’d like. Also, explore other search commands for Google, Wikipedia, Crunchbase, and others.

When ready, save the commands above as a playbook and parametrize the search query.