Send web page as a PDF to a Slack user

Send Web Page as a PDF to a Slack User

This playbook requires Slack integration. Please make sure that you have connected your Slack account before creating this playbook. 


Here is how this would look like if you were to create this playbook from scratch.

Step #1: Capture page as a PDF

 Pick the “Get” command. Get simply means that we need to capture some information.

In this case, we want to get the current page as a pdf

Click “Execute this command” to capture the page. You will now see the page that you’ve just captured in the Bardeen extension. 

Step #2: Send to Slack

Now we want to perform the “Do” command. We want to send the file that we’ve just captured to a slack user or a Slack channel.  

Then hit enter or “execute this command.”

Step #3 (optional) : Create a Playbook

Click “Save Playbook” in the Bardeen extension and give your automation a name. 

You can now send pages as a PDF in just one click! 

Renat Gabitov
Product Marketing