Create a Github issue from Notion

Create issues in Github when pages are added to a Notion database.

This playbook creates an issue in Github when a new page is added to a Notion database. 

This means that you can stay productive in your Notion workspace and the rest of your team can see what you are working on in their default workspace on Github.

Before we get started, make sure you have shared access to your database with your Notion API bot and Bardeen.

If you don’t have a task template yet, you can grab one from here.

Write the command

After you import this playbook, write the following command:

When Notion page is added to database [database name], then [playbook: “Save Notion page as …”] to repo [repo]

Boom! That’s it. Now try to create a new page on Notion and watch issues automatically created in your Github.

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Renat Gabitov
Product Marketing