Renat Gabitov
Product Marketing

The WHEN command is a trigger command. What this means is that it activates other actions or sequences. This command checks the pre-defined conditions and is followed with “THEN,” which allows you to sequence a GET or DO command.

Here are some cool automations you can do with the WHEN command: 

  • Launch a virtual conference call exactly on the minute it is scheduled (automatically)
  • When a new email arrives from {email address}, notify on Slack. 
  • When a Github PR is add matching {repository}, send me an SMS.
  • When a file with name {keyword} is added to Drive, share it Slack Channel.

After you execute a WHEN command, the automation will show in two places: 

1. Bardeen Main screen under “Triggers”

2. Dashboard > Triggers 

Example: Automatically launch a meeting In [time]

Don't forget to explore the DO and GET command guides.