How to share playbooks

Getting started

Everything is better when shared!

You can now share playbooks with friends and colleagues with a few clicks. 

How to share a playbook

To share a playbook, hover over a playbook and click on the paper plane icon.

When you share one of our pre-built playbooks, you’ll get a link to our playbook article with the full description and video.

When you share your own playbooks, you can customize the playbooks page if you’d like. Feel free to add a playbook description and a video. 

Copy the link and click “save and close.” 

Running a shared playbook

When people visit your playbook link for the first time, they will be redirected to download the browser extension upon clicking the “try it” button.

Note: Bardeen works only on desktop. 

Compatible browsers: Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera.

The playbook will run automatically after the extension is installed. 

Users can also “pin” the playbook to use it later. You should pin scraper playbooks because they often require you to be on the appropriate page to run. 

How to edit or unshare a playbook

To edit the playbook description, click on the share icon and make the changes. Then click on “save and close.”

If you want to unpublish a playbook, click on the share icon once again and then click on “unshare.” The playbook will no longer be publicly available.