Quick guide to getting started with Bardeen

Getting started

You have three ways to initiate Bardeen. 

1. Click on the Bardeen logo in Chrome extensions

2. Press OPTION + . 

3. Press OPTION + B

Adding your first Playbook

The fastest and easiest way to start leveraging Bardeen is to explore the library of pre-built actions called Playbooks.

Visit out Playbooks Catalog to find playbooks there.

Exploring Commands

To see what each app can do, go to Commands and pick the app. 

There are three types of commands: 

  1. DO - perform an action
  2. GET - gets data from your apps or the current page
  3. WHEN - this is a trigger that automates other actions when a condition is met

Writing your first command

When you’ve found the command you are interested in, you can simply type it in Bardeen. 

You can explore the three Bardeen commands (DO, GET, WHEN) in this lesson.

We use a particular syntax so that the computer can understand us. It’s super simple, and you’ll get used to it in no time naturally. 

“Syntax is the arrangement of words and phrases to create sentences in a language.”