How to create a custom playbook

Getting started

The true power of Bardeen comes from creating playbooks for your unique workflows. You can run automations with multiple web apps and pre-defined parameters in one click. 

1. Execute your commands

All playbooks are made out of individual commands. You can look up commands by navigating to Settings > Commands > From 

First, execute individual commands that you’d like to be included in your playbook. Those commands will appear in the “Compose” tab. 

Then click “New playbook.”

2. Define variables 

Most commands include inputs such as participants, dates, titles, etc. 

If you save the playbook as is, the original inputs will stay the same.

For example, say you would like to build a playbook to create templated calendar events. In this case, you want some inputs to stay constant (such as meeting duration or participants) and others to be variable (such as event date). 

To turn a constant into a variable, toggle “Parametrize” next to the input. This will allow you to specify variables every time you run a playbook. 

You can edit the prefix and the input argument’s title below. 

💡 “Make results constant” toggle will make all parameters in a command constant. It is used for referencing changing arguments such as “last sheet.” By default, Bardeen will look up the last sheet that ran as a part of your playbook or mentioned in the Compose mode. If you referenced a relative argument such as “last sheet” in command and want to make it a constant, just toggle ON this parameter.

3. Running your playbooks

You can find your playbook either by typing the playbook title or by finding it in the Playbooks tab. 

💪 Pro Tip: write a WHEN command with your custom playbook to make it run automatically.

Enjoy your custom playbooks!