The three Bardeen commands

Getting started

Playbooks consist of several individual actions that we call “commands.” Bardeen has three types of commands, each designed for different purposes:

DO - perform an action

GET - retrieve information from a web app or website

WHEN - automatically run a playbook or an action when a condition is me

💡 You can write commands in the “Compose” tab and then click “New playbook” to create one with those commands.

You can explore all commands for individual apps by navigating to Settings > Commands.

You have to add apps first to see the commands they can perform. 

DO - Perform an action


  • Do create an event... 
  • Do add a new card to Trello...
  • Do add Github issue to repo...
  • Do join meeting from event… 
  • Do upload file to Drive...

GET - Retrieve data from your web apps or the current page


  • Get next event
  • Get participant email addresses from event… 
  • Get last email received from…
  • Get email matching {keyword}
  • Get Jira issues assigned to {person}
  • Get data using scraper... 

WHEN - This is a trigger that automates other actions when a condition is met


  • When the next meeting is in {time}
  • When an email with a {subject line} arrives
  • When Jira issue is added assigned to {user}
  • When row is added or changed in Google Sheet...