Renat Gabitov
Product Marketing

Bardeen has three commands, each designed for different purposes:

DO - Perform an action


  • Create a Google Calendar event
  • Add a card to Trello
  • Create an issue in Github
  • Join the upcoming Zoom call 
  • Upload a file to Google Drive

GET - Gets data from your apps or the current page


  • Capture data from predefined fields with Scraper
  • Pull up all emails with a {keyword}
  • Get all Trello tasks scheduled for a list

WHEN - This is a trigger that automates other actions when a condition is met


  • When a PDF is uploaded to Google Drive 
  • When the next meeting is in {time}
  • When the next calendar event is in {time} 
  • When an email with a {subject line} arrives

You can explore all commands for individual apps by navigating to the Commands tag. 

Note: You have to add apps first to see the commands they can perform.