Renat Gabitov
Product Marketing

Playbooks are designed to save you time by automating a requiring command sequence so that they can be done in just a click.

Step #1: Perform the command(s)

To get started, perform the commands as usual by typing them in the Bardeen interface. 

Step #2: Click "New Playbook"

Then click New Playbook.

Step #3: Define the playbook

Note: Make sure to toggle ON the actions that you want to be a part of the playbook. 

Scroll down to see the actions that will be saved and check the input arguments. 

In the image above, we have two different arguments. If we save the playbook as is, it will always send the same message to the same recipient. 

We can make either or both of the arguments variable depending on our goals. 

How to use the playbook that you've just created

When you hit save, the playbook can be found either by typing your command or by clicking on Playbooks tab. 

Congrats! You are slowly turning into a pro.