How to add a Notion database to Bardeen


In order for the Bardeen to access your Notion databases, you need to: 

  1. Add your API bot to a database
  2. Give Bardeen access to the database

Step 1: Give your bot access to Specific databases (Notion)

We need to add the bot to the individual database that we’d like to work with. 

☝️ Make sure you add your bot to DATABASES (not pages), which requires you to click “open as a page.” You won’t be able to add your bot to pages.

Step 2: Give Bardeen access to the Notion database

Use "Get access to Notion database from the current URL" playbook or write the following command:

Get access to Notion database with ID [Notion database ID]

You will need to get the database URL. You can find it by clicking "Share -> Copy Link" from a Notion database page.