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How the Director of Development at A Financial Research Provider Saves 5 Hours Automating Lead Gen

About the company:
Financial Services
Company Size:
With help from the Solutions Engineering team, I was able to leverage Bardeen to generate 25,000+ prospective leads in a couple hours - something that normally takes me weeks. We can expect this list to result in 1k+ trials, $100k+ of revenue, and hundreds of recurring paid subscribers. These custom playbooks will save me 5 hours per week, and now I can focus on more productive tasks like building campaigns, engaging in sales calls, and maintaining relationships.
John B
Director of Development
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In this case study, we'll explore how John B, the Director of Development at a financial research provider, uses Bardeen to save 5 hours every week automating the collection of new leads from LinkedIn and various financial websites. 


John was copy-pasting thousands of prospects from LinkedIn and various financial websites. This information is valuable, but it was unreliable, time consuming, and boring!

Bardeen's Solution

John used Bardeen to build a custom scraper tool to gather information that would otherwise have been time and cost prohibitive. He watched many of Bardeen tutorial videos found online for simple solutions, but the personal support from Bardeen’s Solutions Engineering team to solve more complicated issues has been incredibly valuable. In the last two weeks he added over 25,000 potential prospects to his sales funnel and will be able to save 5 hours every week automating lead generation.

Used automation(s)

How it works

Results & Benefits

Time Savings
By automating the lead generation process using Bardeen, John saves 5 hours every week. This time can now be allocated to more productive tasks such as building campaigns, engaging in sales calls, and maintaining client relationships.
Cost Effectiveness
Bardeen's custom scraper tool enables John to gather information that would otherwise be time and cost prohibitive. By utilizing the automation capabilities, John can access thousands of potential prospects without the need for additional resources or external services.
Increased Efficiency:
Bardeen eliminates the need for manual copy-pasting of prospects from various sources, saving John from the time-consuming and tedious task. The automation streamlines the lead generation process, allowing John to gather valuable information more efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Bardeen empowered John and his team to automate lead generation efforts, save 5 hours every week, and generate substantial future revenue using Bardeen's features including scraper models.

If you're looking for more information on automating the process of copy-pasting information from LinkedIn and other websites, check out our guide How to scrape LinkedIn.

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About the author:
Chris Viglietta
Solutions Engineer

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